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Privacy Policy

Advanced Rx Privacy Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2023


This Privacy Policy discusses how Advanced Rx, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates, which provide patient-specific medications and services both in our physical location and through ("Advanced Rx," "we" or "us") may collect information about you, including when you interact with us:


  • In our pharmacy

  • On our website

  • Through our digital communication channels


We refer to these collectively as the "Pharmacy Services" and our website as the “Online Services.”


Residents of certain states may have additional privacy rights under state law. For detailed information about your privacy rights under these state laws, please see the relevant state-specific section below.





  1. Scope of Privacy Policy

  2. Personal information we collect

  3. Sources from which we collect personal information

  4. Usage of personal information

  5. Disclosure of personal information

  6. Third-party services and features

  7. Security measures

  8. Use of cookies and related technologies

  9. Your data preferences and access

  10. How to contact us

  11. California resident privacy rights

  12. Colorado resident privacy rights

  13. Connecticut resident privacy rights

  14. Virginia resident privacy rights


1. Privacy Policy Scope


Advanced Rx is committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care alongside our Pharmacy Services. If you seek information regarding how Advanced Rx handles data related to services other than our Pharmacy Services, such as patient counseling or health consultations, please refer to our Notice of Privacy Practices to access our HIPAA privacy rules.


Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, the methods by which we collect and utilize your personal information, or are uncertain about which policy is pertinent to the data you've shared, please feel free to contact us at Alternatively, you can reach us toll-free at 1-844-511-4700.


This Privacy Policy may be updated or altered as necessary. The "Effective Date” noted at the beginning of this document indicates the most recent revision. Changes become effective as soon as the updated Privacy Policy is published on our Pharmacy Services.


Our Online Services are tailored for a broad user base and are not intended for individuals below the age of 16. We consciously refrain from collecting digital personal data from any individual we recognize as being younger than 16 years of age.


Advanced Rx's Online Services cater primarily to users within the United States, with control, operation, and management centralized within the country.

2. The Personal Information We Collect


Advanced Rx is devoted to transparency in our relationship with you. To deliver our Pharmacy Services effectively, we may gather the following personal details about you:


  • Basic contact details: name, postal address, email address, and phone number.

  • Account password, if you set up an Advanced Rx account.

  • Demographic data: age, date of birth, gender, and race/ethnicity.

  • Language preferences.

  • Participation in our programs, such as digital receipts or Refill Reminders, and your utilization of special offers or coupons.

  • Transaction specifics: purchase records, returns, and exchanges.

  • Your interactions with our online platforms, including our websites and mobile apps, such as visited pages, employed search terms, and overall user behavior.

  • Technical details about devices, browsers, and applications you use to connect to our Online Services, including IP addresses, mobile device specifications (like model, OS version, unique device identifiers), and mobile network data.

  • Engagement with emails, newsletters, promotional materials, and online ads.

  • Payment details.

  • Geographical location.

  • Predictive data about you, like family role (e.g., primary caregiver).

  • Social media details, if you opt to share them with us.

  • Health details provided by you during engagement with select programs.

  • Any other relevant details you decide to share with us.


The Importance of Your Personal Information


Choosing not to provide your personal details in relation to the Pharmacy Services might prevent us from offering you specific products, services, or information.


Additionally, we might merge non-personal information with personal data. When combined, we'll treat this amalgamated data as personal information for the entire duration it remains merged. It's essential to understand that the personal information we gather, as highlighted in this Privacy Policy, may be used and shared in a de-identified form. Once your personal information has been de-identified, it falls outside the purview of this Privacy Policy. Unless there's a specific action on your part to re-identify your de-identified data, we won't endeavor to associate this data back to you.


3. Advanced Rx gathers the personal information detailed above from the subsequent sources:


  • Directly from you: We gather personal data straight from you when you interact with us via our Pharmacy Services. Additionally, we capture this data automatically when you browse our websites and mobile platforms.

  • From subsidiaries and affiliates: Our collection process involves garnering personal data from our associated entities and subsidiaries, as permitted by the governing laws.

  • Publicly available data and other channels: To refine our database, we might extract data about you from both public domains and third-party sources. We could integrate this data, sourced from our Pharmacy Services, with additional details we retrieve online and offline. The amalgamated information will be used in line with this Privacy Policy.

4. How Advanced Rx uses personal information


The primary objective behind procuring your personal data is to offer you impeccable Pharmacy Services and products. However, we also leverage this data to:


  1. Engage with you: Ensure seamless communication regarding your orders, services, promotions, and more.

  2. Manage your account and orders: Oversee accounts, order histories, payments, and offer you enriched user experiences.

  3. Augment your experience: Personalize your interactions, propose products aligned with your interests, and introduce offerings that might captivate your attention.

  4. Internal purposes: For training, audits, fraud surveillance, data assessment, and to bolster our Pharmacy Services.

  5. Legal rights and misuse prevention: Shield our Pharmacy Services from potential threats or violations.

  6. Other purposes: Any other intent for which we provide specific notice during the collection phase.


5. How Advanced Rx discloses personal information


Your personal data may be shared with:


  1. Service providers: Including IT support, payment gateways, data analysts, auditors, and more.

  2. Affiliates and subsidiaries: Shared within our corporate family for business purposes.

  3. Advertising networks: Third-party agencies to enhance our advertising strategies.

  4. Government bodies: As and when required by the law, or to defend ourselves against third-party allegations.


Notably, Advanced Rx will not share text messaging originator opt-in data and consent with any third parties. All such data remains exclusively with Advanced Rx, ensuring the privacy and security of our users' opt-in information.


We may also share your personal information:


  1. With our contractors and service providers: Those assisting us in running our services, such as website maintenance, payment gateways, and more.

  2. During business transitions: In events like mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales.

  3. Legal enforcement: To regulatory bodies, when obligated by law or to protect our rights and services.

  4. Maintaining service security: To detect potential threats and ensure the safety of our services.


6. Third-Party Services and Features


Our Services might contain links to or offer access to third-party resources, such as websites or applications not directly operated by Advanced Rx (“Third-Party Services”). We provide these as a convenience, and they are not directly affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Advanced Rx.


Any data you share with Third-Party Services is not governed by this Privacy Policy. Advanced Rx cannot ensure the privacy or security of information you give to these entities. We strongly recommend that you review their privacy policies before sharing your information.


Engaging with Advanced Rx through social media platforms might be visible to your connections on those platforms. Social media providers have their privacy policies, so ensure you're familiar with those as well.


7. Security Measures


Advanced Rx employs reasonable safeguards to ensure the security of your personal data. But, as with all online systems, there's no foolproof system. To enhance your security, always use strong, unique passwords and update them periodically.


8. Cookies and Tracking Technologies


What are Cookies?: Cookies are small data files stored on your device that help us enhance your experience on our site.


Usage: Advanced Rx and its partners may use cookies and related technologies to:


  • Improve website functionality.

  • Guide navigation and user preferences.

  • Analyze traffic patterns and user behavior.

  • Assess marketing campaign effectiveness.

  • Personalize your experience.


Our services might also record Session Data, which may include browser type, OS, IP address, and more. We may use this data to improve user experience, track user interactions, and analyze website usage.


9. Your Choices and Access


You're in control:


  • Email: Opt-out of promotional emails via your Account Profile or by following email instructions.

  • Location Data: Modify location access through your mobile device.

  • Mobile App: To stop data collection via the Advanced Rx app, uninstall it. Note that uninstalling doesn't remove all identifiers tied to the app.

For minors, you can request the removal of content or information you've posted on our site. However, removal does not guarantee complete elimination of the content.


For any concerns, please contact us at


10. Contact information


Should you have questions or concerns about how we collect or use your information, please contact us directly at Alternatively, you can call us toll-free at 1-844-511-4700.


For additional inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, reach out to the Advanced Rx Privacy Office at the following address:


Advanced Rx

Attn: Privacy Office

414 Commerce Drive, Suite 100

Fort Washington, PA 19034



11. Your California privacy rights


  1. Data Collection

    1. Types of Personal Information:

      • Identifiers: Including but not limited to name, address, email, phone number.

      • Commercial Data: Purchases, returns, program enrollments.

      • Online Activity: Interactions with our sites, apps, emails, ads.

      • Location Data: GPS data.

      • Inferences: Such as head of household details.

      • Legally Protected Characteristics: Age, gender, language preferences, and more.

      • Miscellaneous Data (§ 1798.80(e)): Payment details, health info, other shared data.

    2. Sensitive Personal Information:

      • Account Credentials: Username, password.

      • Health Data: Interactions with our pharmacy

  2. Data Retention


We store personal data as long as necessary, adhering to our data retention guidelines. Some reasons include legal compliance, contractual obligations, litigation anticipation, or to deliver products/services.


   3. Usage of Personal Data


Your data supports several endeavors:


  • Services: Account maintenance, order processing, payment verification, ad/marketing provision, analytics, etc.

  • Audits: Ad impression counting, ad quality verification, and more.

  • Short-term Use: E.g., ad customization in real-time.

  • Security: Detect and prevent fraud or other malicious activities.

  • Debugging: Fixing errors impacting functionalities.

  • Internal R&D: Technological advancements and demonstrations.

  • Quality & Safety: Ensuring and enhancing product/service quality.


  4. Sources of Data Collection


We might gather your data from:


  • Direct Channels: Purchases, website/app usage, communications (calls, texts, emails, social media).

  • Affiliates: Our subsidiary entities.

  • Service Providers: Marketing, tech, analytics, security, etc.

  • Advertisers & Social Platforms: Ad and social media networks.

  • Government & Law Enforcement: Regulatory bodies.

  • Third Parties: Public information sellers, business partners in line with their policies.


  5. Disclosure of Personal Information


Here's how we share and who we share your personal information with:

Types of Personal Information
Shared With
Subsidiaries and affiliates; Governmental bodies and law enforcement; Advertising platforms
Commercial Data
Governmental bodies and law enforcement; Advertising platforms
Digital Activity
Subsidiaries and affiliates; Regulators and law enforcement; Advertising platforms
Location Data
Subsidiaries and affiliates; Governmental bodies and law enforcement; Advertising platforms
Media Data
Governmental bodies and law enforcement
Professional Data
Governmental bodies and law enforcement
Personal Insights
Other Data (as described under California Civil Code § 1798.80(e))
Subsidiaries and affiliates; Government entities and regulators
Sensitive Personal Data
Government entities and regulators
Protected Characteristics Data
Subsidiaries and affiliates; Government entities and regulators

We commit not to sell your personal information for financial gain. However, we may share specific details with marketing platforms and services for non-monetary advantages. This practice allows us to enhance our online advertising methods and offer enriched experiences. As per CCPA, you have the right to opt out of this sharing.


Personal data of minors below 16 years is sacred to us. We assure never to knowingly sell this data.


  7. Your Privacy Rights as a California Resident


  • Access: Request information about your data and how we handle it.

  • Deletion: Ask us to erase certain personal data.

  • Correction: Request updates to any errors in your data.

  • Opt-Out: Choose to exclude your data from being shared/sold.

  • Non-Discrimination: We'll always treat you the same, no matter your choices.


  8. To Act on Your Rights


Use our:


Call us at 1-844-511-4700


For authorization or acting on another's behalf, please provide suitable proof like a Power of Attorney. Parents can exercise these rights for their children.


  9. Validation


Before attending to your request, we'll verify your identity. Please log in to your Advanced RX account or provide relevant personal details when prompted.


For further queries, please contact us at


12. Your Colorado Privacy Rights under Advanced RX


In compliance with the Colorado Privacy Act (“CPA”), we wish to inform residents of Colorado about the specific rights they hold concerning the collection, usage, and disclosure of “personal data” as dictated by the CPA. If you are a Colorado resident and engage with Advanced RX, this section is pertinent to you. For further details on the nature and scope of the personal data we gather, please refer to Sections 2-5 as mentioned earlier in this document.


a. Sensitive Data We Collect


At Advanced RX, the collection of certain sensitive data is intrinsic to offering you our services. The kinds of sensitive data we may collect include:


  • Physical health condition or diagnosis, shared willingly with us, encompassing your engagements with our pharmacy.


b. Disclosure of Personal Data


We wish to maintain complete transparency regarding whom we share your personal data with. The chart below illustrates the categories of personal data we share and with whom:

Category of personal data
Category of third parties to whom we disclosed personal data
Category of third parties to whom we disclosed personal data for “targeted advertising”
Contact and demographic information
Subsidiaries and affiliates Government entities, regulators and law enforcement
Geolocation information
Subsidiaries and affiliates Government entities, regulators and law enforcement
Online services interactions and device information
Subsidiaries and affiliates Government entities, regulators and law enforcement
Transactions and services information
Government entities, regulators and law enforcement
Photographic and video information
Professional or employment-related information
Government entities, regulators and law enforcement
Inferences about you
Sensitive data
Government entities, regulators and law enforcement

We categorically state that we do not engage in the sale of your personal data to third parties for monetary benefits. We also abstain from using personal information for profiling that could lead to legal or significantly impactful decisions regarding a consumer.


c. Your Privacy Rights


If you are a resident of Colorado, the CPA grants you the following rights with regard to your personal data collected by Advanced RX:


  • Right to Access - You have the right to verify if Advanced RX is processing your personal data, and to access the personal data that is being processed.

  • Right of Portability - If technically feasible, you can request a copy of the personal data you previously provided to us in a portable and readily usable format. This allows you to transfer the data to another controller or business where automated processing takes place.

  • Right to Delete - You have the authority to request the deletion of certain personal data that Advanced RX has collected from you.

  • Right to Correction - If you find inaccuracies in your personal data collected by Advanced RX, you have the right to ask us to make corrections to that data.

  • Right to Opt-out of Sale and Profiling - According to the CPA, “sale” encompasses the disclosure or provision of personal data to a third party in exchange for monetary or other compensation. Advanced RX does not engage in selling personal data as described by the CPA. Moreover, Colorado residents can opt out of personal data processing for decisions that have legal or similarly significant impacts on them. Please note that we do not undertake profiling processes that yield such consequences.

d. How to Submit a Request with Advanced RX


If you are a consumer residing in Colorado and would like to exercise any of the rights provided to you under the Colorado Privacy Act, you can contact Advanced RX through the following methods:


For Rights to Access, Delete, or Correct:

  • Customer Service Line: You can reach us by calling 1-844-511-4700.

e. Verifying Requests


To ensure the security of your personal data, we need to verify your identity before fulfilling any requests regarding your personal data under the Colorado Privacy Act. The verification process might involve certain exclusions and exceptions.


  • Personal Details: You will be required to provide specific personal details over the phone. The details may include your Advanced RX customer number, your full legal name, email address, and/or phone number.

  • Declaration: In case you request to access specific pieces of personal data, we may ask you to sign a declaration, under penalty of perjury, confirming that you are the consumer whose personal data is the subject of the request.


Feel free to contact us by calling us at 1-844-511-4700 if you wish to learn more about our Privacy Policy, or if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to always keep your personal information secure and private.

f. Process to Appeal a Decision


If you believe your request under section 12(C) has been unjustly denied, you hold the right to appeal this decision. Please contact us at to initiate your appeal. Following your appeal, we will revert within 45 days, elucidating our final stance on your request.


In case of dissatisfaction with our final decision, you may contact the Colorado Attorney General to file a complaint.


13. Your Connecticut privacy rights


Under the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (“CTDPA”), if you are a resident of Connecticut, you have specific rights regarding the personal data that we collect, use, or disclose in accordance with the provisions laid down in the CTDPA. Learn more about the data we handle in Sections 2-5 above.

a. Your Privacy Rights


As a Connecticut resident, the CTDPA grants you the following rights concerning your personal data:


  • Right to access: Confirm whether we are processing your personal data and access it.

  • Right of portability: Obtain a readily usable copy of the personal data you previously provided to us, facilitating its transfer to another entity.

  • Right to delete: Request the deletion of certain personal data we have collected from you.

  • Right to correction: Ask us to rectify inaccuracies in your personal data.

  • Right to opt out of sale and profiling: We do not engage in selling personal data as defined by the CTDPA, nor do we process personal data for profiling with significant legal effects.


b. How to Submit a Request

To exercise the above rights, reach us through the following:


Right to Access/Delete/Correct:

Customer Support: 1-844-511-4700


c. The process to Appeal a Decision


Should we deny your request made under Section 13(A), you have the option to appeal by:



Expect a response within 45 days, explaining our decision regarding your request. Alternatively, file a complaint with the Connecticut Attorney General at 1-860-808-5318.


14. Your Virginia privacy rights


Under the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA”), if you are a Virginia resident, you are entitled to certain disclosures and rights regarding the processing of your "personal data" as defined in the VCDPA. This applies to the extent we collect, use, or disclose your personal data in compliance with the VCDPA. Refer to Sections 2-4 above for detailed information on the personal data we process.


a. Your Privacy Rights


As a Virginia resident, the VCDPA grants you the following rights pertaining to your personal data:


  • Right to access: Confirm whether we are processing your personal data and to access it.

  • Right of portability: Obtain a copy of the personal data you previously provided in a portable and technically feasible, readily usable format, allowing you to transfer it to another entity.

  • Right to delete: Request the deletion of certain personal data we have collected from you.

  • Right to correction: Request the correction of inaccuracies in your personal data.

  • Right to opt-out of sale and profiling: We do not engage in selling personal data as defined by VCDPA, nor do we process personal data for profiling leading to legal or other substantial consequences.

  • Right to opt-out of targeted advertising: We do not engage in targeted advertising involving your personal data.


b. How to Submit a Request


To exercise the above rights, reach us through the following:


Right to Access/Delete/Correct:

Customer Support: 1-844-511-4700


c. The process to Appeal a Decision


Should we deny your request made under Section 14(A), you have the option to appeal by:



We commit to responding to your appeal within 60 days, elucidating our decision to either fulfill or reject your request. If unsatisfied, file a complaint with the Virginia Attorney General at

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